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 Welcome to the Family History UK website

We are a community portal site, where people from around the world, can come together and share information, get help and direction in their family history research in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland and N. Ireland) and in a number of cases around the rest of the world.

The site is completely FREE to everyone, interested in genealogy and family history research. We will be continuously improving the site to enable new additions and modifications. We are always open to your suggestions.

We pride ourselves on hiding and not revealing any users email addresses or information. No where on this site will you see or find an “open” email address, neither will any “bots or spambots” be able to steal your information.

As we have already stated – we are a community site . We rely on you all to come together and share your family research tips, news, links, names, helping the FHUK community.

You can post your “Wanted Names” or Brick Walls – names you are finding hard to find and research – post them here ! Thousands of people continuously visit this site looking for their own Brick walls / wanted names and may well be able to link to you or your ancestor!

The Community Forum is the place to get direct help with anything that you find hard in researching your ancestors. You can ask for census and parish look ups, certificates (Birth, Death and Marriage), Coats of Arms & Heraldy, look and ask for information on particular areas – counties or countries in the UK, discuss military ancestry, the latest and best computer software or genealogy on the internet, or just come in and have a chat on anything you believe relevant – or in some cases not! There are a number of moderators and other helpful people in the Family History UK community ready to help you! Come and join us!

If you would be interested in helping others to achieve their research into the family history or are knowledgeable in any particular area of research or you just like to help people – let us know and contact us!

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