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As a genealogist, if I had to choose one DNA testing company for comprehensive genealogical research, my choice would be AncestryDNA. This preference is based on several factors that align well with the goals of detailed family history research. Here’s a review from my perspective.

Why We Choose AncestryDNA

1. Extensive Database Size The first reason I lean towards AncestryDNA is its vast user database. It’s the largest in the industry, which drastically increases our chances of finding distant relatives. In my experience, this has led to uncovering connections I wasn’t aware of and filling in significant gaps in our family tree.

2. Integration with Historical Records AncestryDNA’s seamless integration with an extensive collection of historical records is a game-changer. This feature has been crucial in my genealogy work, allowing me to corroborate DNA findings with documentary evidence. The platform’s hints system has often pointed me towards new records and potential relatives, making our research more efficient and fruitful.

3. Comprehensive Ethnicity Estimates The ethnicity estimates provided by AncestryDNA are among the most detailed available. They offer insights into a wide range of geographical regions. Although these estimates are just that—estimates—they’ve been invaluable starting points for understanding the migration patterns of our ancestors and contextualising their lives.

4. User-Friendly Interface and Tools AncestryDNA’s platform is incredibly user-friendly. Its tools for building and exploring family trees are intuitive, making it accessible for both novice genealogists and experts. The ability to easily message DNA matches has enabled me to establish valuable connections and exchange information with cousins, further enriching our family history.

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My Review Based on Experience

Using AncestryDNA, I’ve managed to make significant progress in our family history research. I’ve connected with previously unknown relatives who had crucial pieces of our family puzzle—ranging from photos to documents that weren’t publicly available. These discoveries have been some of the most rewarding moments in my genealogy journey.

The privacy aspect is something I approached with caution, but after reviewing AncestryDNA’s policies, I felt reassured about the control we have over our data. Opting in or out of certain features allows us to manage our privacy according to personal preferences.

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While AncestryDNA is my top choice for its comprehensive resources and large database, I always recommend that we, as genealogists, consider our specific research goals and privacy concerns when choosing a DNA testing service. For some projects, especially those requiring detailed analysis of paternal or maternal lines, I might complement AncestryDNA with Y-DNA or mtDNA testing from other providers like FamilyTreeDNA.

The cost of AncestryDNA, especially if opting for additional access to the full suite of records, is something to consider within our budget. However, the investment has proven worthwhile for me, given the depth of insights and connections it has facilitated in our genealogical research.

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