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All-Time Greatest Genealogical Movies

By Richard Callanan – London
All-Time Greatest Genealogical Movies
International Section:
  Census and Sensibility
  A Fiche Called “Wanda to Zelda”
  Lost in Transcription
  All About Eve [parents not found]
  Good Will Hunting — Wrong Will Finding
  Honey I Shrunk the Kith
  Adventures in the Kin Trade
  Male Baptismal Sponsor III
Irish Section:
  Ryan’s Daughter [allegedly]
  Dublin Indemnity
  The O’Dea Hunter
  Life of Brian
   (aka Bryan, Brien, Breen, O’Brian, O’Breen, O’Brien, Ó
   Bríain, et al)
Tipperary Section:
  I Captured the Cashel
  Thurles Miserables
  Citizen Borrisokane
  24 Hours from Nenagh
  Nightmare on Emly Street
Thanks to Richard Callanan
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