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Delve into the fascinating realm of family history with our guide on FreeREG. This post uncovers a treasure trove of resources for genealogy aficionados, offering free access to a vast array of records including parish registers, nonconformist registers, and more, all aimed at enriching your understanding of your ancestry.

What is FreeREG and What Records Are They?

FreeREG stands out in the world of genealogy, providing comprehensive access to a plethora of records. This invaluable resource is your gateway to:

Baptism Records: Discover the baptismal details of your forebears, tracing their very first steps in life.

Marriage Registers: Unveil the marital bonds that wove the fabric of your family tree.

Burial Records: Explore the final chapters in the lives of your ancestors with meticulously transcribed burial records.

The History of FreeREG

Established in 1998, FreeREG stands as a pivotal project under the umbrella of Free UK Genealogy, a charity devoted to offering free access to historical records for genealogical research. FreeREG’s inception was fuelled by the recognition of the invaluable insights that parish records provide to individuals tracing their lineage and family narratives. These records, often centuries old, offer a glimpse into the lives and movements of people across the UK.

FreeREG’s collection is extensive, encompassing a wide array of transcribed Protestant and nonconformist parish registers from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, and the Channel Islands. This inclusivity ensures a comprehensive resource for those delving into their family history, spanning various regions and religious denominations.

Over the years, the project has witnessed remarkable growth, a testament to the tireless efforts of a dedicated volunteer network. These volunteers meticulously transcribe records from physical archives, ensuring their preservation and digital accessibility. Their commitment forms the cornerstone of FreeREG, enabling the free availability of these precious records.

As of January 2024, FreeREG proudly hosts a vast repository of 60,143,891 records, encompassing 29,601,875 baptisms, 8,948,960 marriages, and 21,593,056 burials. This monumental collection stands as a testament to the project’s success and its pivotal role in supporting genealogical research.

With the evolution of technology, FreeREG has consistently enhanced its website and search features, making it increasingly user-friendly for researchers and family historians. This commitment to free access and a seamless user experience cements FreeREG’s status as a cherished resource for uncovering ancestral stories and connections in the UK.

How Did They Get the Records?

The heart of FreeREG’s database beats with the dedication of volunteers. These passionate individuals have dedicated countless hours to transcribing data from original registers and nonconformist registers alike, ensuring that these historical documents are preserved and accessible to all.

How Can You Access the Records?

Embark on your journey through history with ease, as FreeREG offers user-friendly search options. Whether you’re after specific record types or need to narrow your search to particular parishes or counties, FreeREG ensures that every search leads you closer to your roots. A Beacon in Genealogical Research

– Acquired, a pioneer in free genealogical web hosting, in June 2000, significantly bolstering its collection.

– Offers a treasure trove of records, including those originally found on FreeREG, making it a one-stop-shop for records ranging from parish records to nonconformist registers.

– Although it operates on a subscription model, the depth and breadth of records it provides, including free access to certain records, make it an invaluable resource for both amateur and professional genealogists. The Volunteer-Powered Phenomenon

– A testament to community spirit, powered entirely by volunteers eager to share their transcriptions of original registers, parish records, and nonconformist registers.

– Provides an indispensable service, especially for those researching in the UK, offering detailed insights into the lives of ancestors through baptism, marriage, and burial records.

Parish Registers

Parish registers and nonconformist registers are the keystones of genealogical research in the UK. These records, diligently maintained over centuries, provide an uninterrupted narrative of the life events of individuals, from their baptism and marriage to their final resting in burial records.

Parish Records

The preservation and digital transcription of parish records have revolutionised genealogical research. With platforms like FreeREG, these records are not just confined to the dusty shelves of church archives but are brought directly to your screen, offering a convenient and comprehensive glimpse into the past.

Free Access

In this digital era, the quest for ancestral knowledge is more accessible than ever. Platforms like FreeREG,, and the free records section of democratise access to historical records, ensuring that everyone has the key to unlock their family history.

Conclusion: A Comparative Look remains a titan in the field, offering not just a wide array of records including nonconformist registers and original registers, but also a user-friendly experience complete with advanced search features and additional resources. and shine for their dedication to providing free access to essential records. While they may not offer the same level of functionality as, their specialised focus on parish registers, nonconformist registers, and civil records make them indispensable tools for specific genealogical inquiries.

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