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How do you live?
We all live in different worlds. Nobody can claim that their life has been the same as yours. You might be wealthy or poor, a megastar, or an anonymous face in a city of millions. You may have an older brother, be an only child, have mixed race parents, live on the sunny side of the street…or in an igloo.

Your genes make you unique, but so does your life. It is different from every other human life on earth.

Different beginnings
From the moment you were conceived you have been dealing with unique surroundings. You may have had quite a different nine months in the womb compared to that of your brother or sister. Do stressed out mothers-to-be produce agitated babies? A link has been noticed and its just one sign that our different experiences count from very early on.

…and once you are born then just about anything can happen. And almost everything that occurs during your childhood and adolescence could be having an impact on your health, your career and the relationships you are forming today.

Blame it on the genes?
Your genes in combination with your early experiences of life are having an enormous impact on you. From how many calories you consume in a day to which way you vote at the next election, both your inherited genetic code and your environment are playing a part. So how do we know what to blame our genes for?

In certain instances it is very clear cut. Certain diseases are caused by a single gene. If you have a gene for cystic fibrosis there is nothing you can do to cure the disease although much can now be done to relieve the symptoms. Eye colour too is a product of our genes and can only be changed with contact lenses.

In most cases though, the role our genes are playing and how powerful is their influence is unclear. Your weight, intelligence and personality are influenced by many different genes but also by your environment. Scientists are only just beginning to understand the role our genes play in these very complicated areas.

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