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Roots UK, part of S&N Genealogy Supplies, are continuously adding genealogical data. The data on is the same high-quality material that we have come to expect from S&N.

LATEST NEWS: 1851 Census Transcript

A transcript of the complete 1851 census for England is now available with images of the original pages.

Births, marriages & deaths

These are the complete GRO databases and microfilm images with additional digital images not found on other systems where pages where found to be missing on the original microfilm; covers 1837 to 2004.

Electoral roll

These currently cover London but we hope to extend this to the rest of the country. People can opt out of appearing in Electoral Roll databases.

Census years & counties

We have completed census transcripts for the whole of 1901 (England & Wales) plus the following years and counties. As more transcripts are completed we will add them into Roots UK and you will automatically have access to them.

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