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A Vision of Britain through time

Also have a look at some of the Travellers’ Tales describing journeys around the UK. It really gives you a real feel for the time. One by Karl Philipp Moritz in 1782 describes various journeys, but one that I mused at was about Nottingham.

I was now only a few miles from Nottingham, where I arrived towards noon. This, of all the towns I have yet seen, except London, seemed to me to be one of the best, and is undoubtedly the cleanest. Everything here wore a modern appearance, and a large place in the centre, scarcely yielded to a London square in point of beauty. From the town a charming footpath leads you across the meadows to the high-road, where there is a bridge over the Trent. Not far from this bridge was an inn, where I dined, though I could get nothing but bread-and-butter, of which I desired to have a toast made.

Nottingham lies high, and made a beautiful appearance at a distance, with its neat high houses, red roofs, and its lofty steeples. I have not seen so fine a prospect in any other town in England.


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