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Family History UK is the latest FREE UK family tree, genealogy and ancestry community portal website, connecting ancestors and living relatives all over the UK. You can search for your ancestors, Post your "Wanted Names"- You know those ancestors that just cannot be found – Brickwalls or Wanted Names! We are here to help you.

You can now build your own online free family tree – Family History Hosting are specialists in publishing genealogy / family history family trees. Get online now and build those links in your own treeHave a look at our Family Tree to see how good its done. You can view all the "Wanted Names". There are well over 25,000 names – 100’s being added daily! Add yours now!

You can get help with your family history to research Births, marriages and deaths in the UK (BMD), Census and other information, build your very own family tree and connect with living relations in the UK – all FREE!
So if you want to research your family, ancestry, ancestors, family history, genealogy, family tree or genes – you have reached the RIGHT place here at family History UK! It is all FREE! – Free Genealogy! Free UK Genealogy! free family history!


As we are a Community Portal, built to help YOU, we rely on you all out there to add your own "Wanted Names" or "Brick Walls" of your ancestors, to add your special genealogy web links and other family history and genealogical information. You can now join us all on the FHUK FH Community Forum – Come and have a chat, or someone may be able to help or give you advice! Help us to help you! More about us.

The main site is completely FREE, to search, view or add any family history or genealogical details! Free UK family history, free uk genealogy! Free Family History! On other parts of this site we will be offering special things for the genealogy enthusiast.

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We are NOW offering UK families the chance to"Publish" their very own family Tree on this site, enabling you and your family complete access to add information and for distant relatives to find and link with you. You can either upload your gedcom, start from new or you can have your very own website. Now Launched.

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