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Harry McFry Investigates: The Case of the Missing Family

Harry McFryPlease indulge me while I introduce you to Harry McFry. Harry inhabits that twilight world somewhere between Family History and Forensic Genealogy. His latest case is published via an on-line blog:

Why is everyone after Lillian McFry's medals? Are Laurel McFry's lips really redder than a number 3 pool ball? Why is it always drizzling in Birkenhead? If you already know the answer to these questions, Harry McFry's latest adventure awaits you… Don't be a stranger … join Harry on his quest to find how Laurel McFry's family was stolen from the census!

Members of Family History UK are very welcome to drop by and catch up with the latest twist in the tale. Kind Regards Thomas Hamburger Jnr

Family History UK – Admin Comments:
A great read for the genealogist!

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