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1921 Census

The 1921 Census of the United Kingdom, which took place on 19 June 1921, marked a significant milestone in the country’s census-taking history. This census is the most extensive one available to the public since …

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What is a TITHE?

Since the 10th century everyone paid a tenth of what they produced to support the church. This was called the Tithe. Originally this was in the form of actual goods – wheat, barley, oats etc. Over time the right to receive the tithes often passed out of the hands of the parish priest to others.

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Name Abbreviations

We’ll provide a detailed explanation of these abbreviations and offer some additional context related to genealogical research and historical records. In British census records, name abbreviations were frequently employed as a means of saving space …

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Naming Conventions

One explanation can be that some families choose from the same small pool of names from generation to generation. They may be meticulous: ‘the first son is always named Alexander, the second, William…’ and so …