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What is a TITHE?

Since the 10th century everyone paid a tenth of what they produced to support the church. This was called the Tithe. Originally this was in the form of actual goods – wheat, barley, oats etc. Over time the right to receive the tithes often passed out of the hands of the parish priest to others.

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Name Abbreviations

We’ll provide a detailed explanation of these abbreviations and offer some additional context related to genealogical research and historical records. In British census records, name abbreviations were frequently employed as a means of saving space …

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Naming Conventions

One explanation can be that some families choose from the same small pool of names from generation to generation. They may be meticulous: ‘the first son is always named Alexander, the second, William…’ and so …

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Ancestry Census Update

ENGLAND SCOTLAND 1841 Scotland Census 1851 United Kingdom Census Sample 1851 Scotland Census 1861 England Census 1861 Scotland Census 1871 England Census 1871 Scotland Census 1881 England Census*Free Index 1881 Scotland Census 1891 England Census …